Monday, March 28, 2011

Words of Wisdom for Writer's from: Spongebob Squarepants

Seated at his desk, Patrick Star was attempting to write a poem, but Patrick had writer's block. Patrick continued sitting at his desk, looking at his pencil and paper, drooling; “SpongeBob, this pencil is broken. Why won’t it make words?”

SpongeBob answered Patrick, “Patrick, you have to think of the words yourself.”

 "But I'm worried my poem isn’t going to be any good and you’re going to hit me with dodge balls."

Patrick speaks the following words to himself as self-motivation to write: "Come on you stupid brain, work.”

Immediately after this, smoke and steam begin to emanate from Patrick's head, accompanied by the sounds of machinery cranking away.

After all this commotion Squidward Tentacles exclaims,"What is that horrible smell? It sounds like something in your brain died!"

Patrick flatly replies: "That’s the creative process at work."

After Patrick's poem has been completed and put to music on an album, prior to playing the song Patrick asks SpongeBob, "Are you going to throw any dodge balls at me?"

SpongeBob, always a good and faithful friend, replies, "I don’t see any dodge balls here, buddy, just an artist and his work."


1. You have to think of the words yourself.
Your pencil (or keyboard) won't think of them for you.

2. In extreme cases of writer's block, you may wish to exhort yourself with the words
"Come on you stupid brain, work." (See # 3.)

(Disclaimer: Use extreme caution when engaging in this activity.
I take no responsibility for any resulting injury or damage
should you choose to speak those words.)

3. Be prepared to have your brain begin to smell,
make nasty sounds, or even die on occasion--
but then take heart and remember that such happenings
may be proof of the creative process at work!

4. Find a buddy or two who will not throw dodge balls at you
but will keep telling you all he sees is just an artist and his work.

Hey, you. Yes, you out there in cyberspace....
Uh, pardon me, but is that a dodge ball I see in that there hand of yours?