Monday, March 7, 2011

Want to Publish? Build Your Platform

    We all think we have to impress our readers with the words we put down on paper. Not so....We want to impress and attract our reader's through our platform. What is a platform you say? Let's start with a simple Bio first. The bio is the "About me" section of a blog or the description given by someone who admires you a great deal. It is written as if someone else were writing it. This is where you tell all. This is what editors and publishers see first. After establishing a bio, you need to build an interested audience. I am starting by attending many writing conferences, joining writing groups and now hosting my own writing group. I learned that people buy "you"...not necessarily the book you are writing. Yes it is true that you will have a "target" market that sticks with the genre they are interested in, but you want them all right? Here is a sample book idea from Amazon to understand a platform.