Friday, April 29, 2011

Scene After Scene for The Deep Freeze

I am on Spring Break and writing is in full force! I wrote a high point today and it is flowing freely again. Monday I start back to school so I will slow down again but now I am on a roll and hope to have another 2,000 words out. Part of a scene I wrote may end up on the back cover but  have to see where the rest goes before I decide. I don't always write in order and I sometimes go back and fill in more or take some out. This is writing and I love it! Accounting and Sci Fi...What a combination huh? Maybe I will produce my next novel on the two together lol! Mayyyyyybe not.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tammy Holloway - To Be Published - Contest Winner

I just got an email letting me know that I placed in the top ten for the writing contest I entered a while back. Here is the link for the story I submitted - "About My Mother" This is great news! I will be published which helps build my platform for my novel! I hope this also brings out the writer's in all of you! Here is the email I received:

Hi Tammy,

I am the coordinator for the Aberdeen Bay About My Mother writing contest. I'm pleased to tell you that your entry earned 8th place. Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman. Her strength and ability to endure loss after 52 years of marriage gives hope for us all. Thank you for considering our contest. I will need you to respond to this email and attach your entry in Word format so that Aberdeen Bay can get started on the e-book. Please do this within the next five days. The e-book will be available at no cost once published. Right now, our lead time is 50-60 days.

Congratulations and let me know if you have any questions.

Denise Middlebrooks

California Office

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inspiration from Will Smith - Awesome Words to Live By

Let me say a word or two about life and how "I" feel. There has been a drive in me for most of my life. I never fully understood it but always managed to push past the fears and "go for it". I've never been a track star or someone amazingly smart with all the answers. Only most...just kidding. But seriously, watching this video made me understand. It brought me back to reality once again. I have been guilty of letting others bring me down or influence me in the wrong way. Not anymore. I live my life the way "I" want to live it and I am the happiest I have ever been. I do my best to achieve greatness no matter how small. It might be something simple like telling my husband how much I appreciate him or it might be working hours and hours on homework to get that "A" I want or finishing that novel I plan to have complete by the end of the year but I achieve it. I have a goal and I will reach it but until then I plan to achieve greatness every day! I can and I Will!!! Thanks Will Smith....This was very motivational.

No matter who you are or what your dreams are, they are yours! Don't let anyone take them away. As a former Seabee we would say "CAN DO"! There is so much truth in that statement. See this picture of me on that pole???? I was scared to DEATH...but I did it!
Over and over again for several weeks of school.....

See this picture? It's my Bachelor's Degree. It took me 10 years of trying again, and again, and again.....but I did it!

Remove "can't" from your dictionary and push forward my friends! So what are you waiting for? Go write that book!